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About American Signature Kennels

American Signature Kennels is a passion, it’s a lifestyle, it's a commitment to excellence. It's more than just selling dogs.  It’s about making dreams and goals come true.  We feel we have a calling to provide dogs that will not only change lives, but compliment them as well.  These are confident companions that can go anywhere and do anything.  

We have taken what started off as a family passion and have turned it into a lifestyle.  “ Made in the USA “ is our mission statement. We strive to Breed, Produce, and Train the best American Labrador Retrievers for Hunting, Hunt Test, Adventure Dog, and Personal Pet Companionship in America.  

Our Story

Meet The Owner

Kenneth (Kenny) Corder

Owner & Head Trainer

It all started when my parents and I took my childhood dog for obedience lessons when I was 10 years old.  It was a train-the-trainer facility where the trainer tought you how to teach your dog.  I was instantly hooked and from that point forward every dog we had would become my next project.  From Australian Shepards to Siberian Huskys, dogs from the pound and everything in-between.  Working with professional dog trainers in both Law enforcement and Military training and missions fueled my thirst for more knowledge and well as gave me more tools for K9 obedience.  Once I came home from a deployment to Afghanistan I knew I was ready for a Retriever.  Shortly afterwards we had our first Huninng Bred American Labrador Retriever and we have never looked back. 

Firstly there is only one Labrador Retriever breed.  All lines come from the same original one.  However, the American line of the Labrador Retriever is what fits our lifestyle and we feel has more then proven itself over and over again.  We want dogs that have GRIT!  Dogs that don’t know they can’t do something. A Retriever that will chase a cripple down through thick buck brush with out giving up.  A dog that isn’t phased with ice thats on the water or itself.  A willing partner that rather it is working for a guide across two countries or as a personal Pet / Companion that goes with it’s owner a handful of times a season is always going to give your its all, be excited everytime it gets out of the truck, and can then lay on the couch with the kids.  

Why American Line Labrador Retrievers?

All of our breedings come from our own bloodlines or of bloodlines we know and want to add to our program.  We want the best of the best and we are not afraid to go get them.  You can never go wrong by adding talent.  No matter rather your pup that comes from our own breeding here at home or one we have brokered with bloodlines we believe in all pups will cary the American Signature Kennels Guarantee.

How We Select Our Breedings

Are You Ready For Your Next Labrador?

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American Signature Kennels stands for quality and commitment. Every Labrador we breed, train, and match with a family is a testament to our dedication towards enhancing the breed and supporting our clients. We believe in the best - Made in the USA.

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